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leafsxflyersgrl's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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i want snow! [13 Nov 2004|12:21am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

how come texas is getting snow and we aren't? Yes, Ray I'm talking about your state! lol. I really want it to snow. It was yucky and rainy today. I just got done taking a nice warm bubble bath. It was relaxing. I was freezing my butt off. So tonight I stayed in and cleaned, slept, ect. Christmas is coming up! I'm excited. I love Christmas. Well anyway heres a diff survey:
1. The Best Little Girl In The World
2. Can You Keep a Secret?
3. Confessions of A Shopaholic
4. Shopaholic Ties the Knot and Shopaholic Takes on Manhattan
5. The Bible

children's books
1. A Day At The Beach
2. Goodnight Moon
3. Wizard of Oz
4. Spot
5. Clifford

Shakespeare plays
1. Uhm Romeo and Juliet? lol

1. Godsmack
2. Christina Aguilera
3. Aerosmith
4. Gavin DeGraw
5. and more

bands/artists (christian)
1. Switchfoot
2. I dont really know that many christian artists..

1. Christina Aguilera's Christmas CDs
2. Godsmack's CDs
3. Christina Aguilera Stripped
4. Hilary Duff
5. OC Mix 1

albums (christian)
1. I have no idea

tv shows (current)
1. General Hospital (Best show lol)
2. One Tree Hill
3. Lost
4. Desperate Housewives
5. American Dreams

tv shows (retired)
1. Home Improvement
2. Full House
3. Dawson's Creek
4. So Little Time
5. Two of A Kind

1. Ladder 49 (<33 it reminds me of my daddy)
2. Any MAry-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies
3. How To Lose A Guy In 10days
4. Miracle
5. A Christmas Story

places to be
1. Beach
2. at a concert
3. shopping
4. driving around
5. A ice hockey game

national parks
1. Riddley..or wait thats a state park or something
2. Central Park
I dont know anymore...

sports teams
1. Philadelphia Flyers
2. Toronto Maple Leafs
3. Philadelphia Eagles
4. New York Yankees
5. Calgary Flames

sports teams to loathe
1. Boston Red Sox
2. Tampa Bay Lightning
3. Tampa Bay Bucaneers
4. New York Islanders
5. Pittsburg Penguins and Pittsburg Steelers

subjects in school
1. English
2. Foods
3. Western World (because my teachers cool)
4. American History (I like my teacher, he's cool)
5. Child Development

ways to pass time
1. Surveys
2. talk online
3. read
4. watch TV
5. talk on the phone

1. tshirts/tanks/sweaters depending on the weather
2. jeans (not really tight, i hate really tight jeans)
3. flipflops or uggs depending on the weather
4. wetseal clothes
5. vintage clothes

1. tofu
2. fries
3. onion rings
4. pasta
5. i love garlic also so anything w that in it that doesnt have meat

1. snapple
2. orange juice
3. diet coke
4. diet coke with lemon or lime
5. cold water

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Survey [04 Nov 2004|06:49pm]
Current Mood] Tired
[Current Music] Vindicated - Dashboard Confessionals
[Current Taste] None
[Current Make-up] None right now
[Current Hair] low loose braid
[Current Annoyance] heh, well i am getting really sick of the Kerry fans. Not all but the ones who wont shut up. It's over people, get over it. Bush won. 4 more years, deal with it! I especially hate the people who like Kerry and they dont even know why. Also the people who only like him because someone they know wants him. The kind of people who can't explain anything about Kerry. Also, self obsorbed people. Get over it.
[Current Smell] Nothing really
[Current Favorite Artist] Godsmack
[Current Desktop Picture] Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
[Current Favorite Group] Well, band..Godsmack
[Current CD in CD Player] 3 Godsmack CDs
[Current DVD in player] I dont know. None.
[Current Color Of Toenails] Orange
[Current Refreshment] None
[Current Worry] Getting this 4 page paper done

[You Touched] I forget
[You Talked to] Marianne, my cousin
[You Hugged] My mom
[You Instant messaged] Ray
[You Yelled At] I dont yell a lot. So, it was probably yesterday at lunch when I was having a debate about Bush and Kerry.
[You Kissed] My mom on the cheek

[Food] Pizza Hut and Veggie Burgers
[Drink] Diet Coke and Orange Juice
[Color] Green and orange
[Album] Godsmack
[Shoes] My ugg's (they're so comfortable) and these black shoes I have
[Candy] Butterfingers
[Animal] Horses Dogs Giraffes Cats..I love all animals
[TV Show] General Hospital, I'm hooked, lol.
[Movie] Ladder 49, Mary-Kate and Ashley Movies (The Challenge, New York Minute, ect..), How to Lose a Guy in 10days, Perfect Body
[Dance] Hip hop, Ballet is so beautiful, tap
[Song] VooDoo - Godsmack
[Vegetable] All of them
[Fruit] All
[Cartoon] Care bears

[Understanding] Depends
[Open-minded] Sometimes
[Arrogant] I dont know
[Insecure] Yes
[Interesting] Not to me...
[Random] Yeah
[Hungry] No
[Friendly] Yeah
[Smart] Yeah
[Childish] No
[Independent] Yeah
[Hard working] Yeah
[Organized] Yes
[Healthy] I dont know
[Emotionally Stable] Yeah
[Shy] Yes
[Attractive] I dont know, I have many insecurities
[Bored Easily] Yeah
[Messy] No
[Thirsty] No
[Responsible] Yes
[Obsessed] No
[Angry] Not at the moment
[Sad] No
[Happy] Yeah
[Hyper] No
[Trusting] Yes
[Talkative] Sometimes

[Kill] Nobody
[Slap] Nobody
[Get Really Wasted With] Niki, lol
[Get High With] No one
[Look Like] Nobody
[Talk To Offline] Niki or Britt
[Talk To Online] I dont know

[My Name Is] Krista
[I'm Afraid of] Failure
[I Dream About] Different things

[Pictured your crush naked?] No I dont have a crush anyway
[Actually seen ur crush naked] Same as above
[Cried when someone died] Yeah

[Coke or pepsi] Coke
[Flowers or candy] Flowers
[Tall or short] Doesn't matter.
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exhausted [03 Nov 2004|07:20pm]
I am soo tired. Last night I stayed up till 2:30am with my brother watching the elections, lol. I just took a nap though. I am verrrrrrrrrrry glad Bush won. 4 more years! :) I was kinda of surprised Kerry conceided (sp?) but I can see why he did. Im just glad it's over. I am so sick of everyone bashing Bush on things that arent true, on his looks, on his daughters, ect. So what if he looks like a monkey? lol Yes, people are still going to say stuf but hopefully not as much. I am especially sick of people who want Kerry just for no reason. I am sick o people who don't know anything about what Bush stands for. I am sick of people who like Kerry and dont know what he stands for either. It's like, if you can't explain it right then and there when someone asks you then you dont know what the hell you're talking about. Anyway I have lots of hw and papers to write.
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[02 Nov 2004|08:26pm]
Woah, it's November already. Times flying by. Well, today's election day. Hopefully we'll have 4more years of Bush. Let's just hope. Anyway, Halloween was fun. Niki and I went trick or treating. I was a pirate and she was a freak. We got lots of candy. I only ate a few pieces though. Last night I slept over Nikis since we had off today. We played Blurt and watched Idenitity with her sister Irene. Today I just stayed home and did homework. I am so exhausted. I dont wanna go to school tomorrow. Well I'm out. Bush/Cheney 04! lol
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[28 Oct 2004|09:51pm]
I am so tired. This week Niki and I hung out after school everyday but today. Tomorrow we might go to the East game. Then Saturday it's Jasons Woods then Sunday Halloween. I got my pirate costume. I love it, lol. On Wednesday, yesterday, we voted in the mock election at school. I voted for Bush of course. Unfortunatly, I think Kerry will win the mock election only because the stupid high school kids think Bush is going to have a draft (he isnt people) and they like Kerry because he goes tanning. I mean thats why all these famous people are getting involved in the voting process. They're all like "start a revolution!" "rock the vote" "vote or die!" its like shut up. Have you noticed all of them want Kerry? It's like they know the young people look up to them so they'll vote for whoever they're voting for and not really looking into it. Oh and people say Bush is unprofessional with his public speaking..uhh no Kerry is out there wearing a Red Sox baseball cap (which was the worst World Series I've ever seen. It was boringggg). Anyway I'm out.
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[24 Oct 2004|10:09pm]
This weekend was fun. Friday night David and I went to the Godsmack/Metallica concert in NJ and NY was like right next to it. We only stayed for Godsmack cause the seats werent that great, you couldnt see well, we were exhausted, and there was an hour intermission. So David bought a shirt and we left and went to BK. Lmao when we were getting the shirt ppl started chanting "Fuck the Red Sox" it was great. Anyway yeah so Saturday I woke up at 10 called Niki got my hair done (its less blodne and mroe red) then Niki and I ate at Hibachi (a Japanese resturant where the cook in front of you) then we went to Blockbuster and rented Man On Fire and Saved then we went to Springfield to get Krispy Kremes mmmm. Lmao on the way we saw these guys sticking their hands out the window and they had a sticker on their car that said HHS so we thought they went to my school so Niki starts making fun of them by sticking her hands out the window and then we started talking/screaming to eachother as we drive and we call them and thye tell us to meet them at Wawa so we did and we talked to them and their friends for a little then lef tthen we went back to Nikis and watched Saved then we went to bed. Today we went to Atlantic City with her parents. We went to the arcade while her parents went in the casinos. We also got our palms read. It was true, too. Mine said I have different personalities with people which is true since I changed last year and I guess I go out of my way to make people happy or see what they want so I keep friends and I have my old personality around those 2 people. It also said I recently found out who my true friends are which is true. She said I'll have a long life, I'll get married at an early age and I'll have 3 pregnancies. She said my job/passion is to help people which is true. I wanna be a fire fighter. What else did she say? I forget lol. Oh I'll have a trip over water soon. Well anyway Im out. I'm going to talk to Niki on the web cam now lol byeee.
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[21 Oct 2004|10:34pm]
so i listened to eminems new song today or his attempt of a song which sounds exactly like white america. he really needs to like retire cause he sounds like a broken record. lol i know, shocker..krista is bashing eminem after all the years she loved and defended his white ass. but seriously, he's only bashing on bush because he's following what all the other rappers do and also he's a homophob and cheneys wife said something to him cause her daughter is a lesbian and god forbid a mother stands up for a child and now he hates bush. whatever. he just raps bout the same old crap like hating homosexual people, his childhood (we get it, you didnt have a great childhood. niether did half of america), being a white rapper, drugs, ect. he's a 30 or whatever year old crybaby. i mean some of his songs are good and he's a great rapper he just raps about stupid stuff. and also bush did not know about 9/11 more then anyone else. it was bin laden. he's a great president and all john kerry worries about is his botox, north korea, and tanning. also he's for abortion and i'm against it. i mean if ur a 13 yr old having sex (which you shouldnt be) and you get pregnant..it's your stupidity and you shouldnt kill an innocent child just because you're out there being a ho. anyway enough about that lol sorry i am just so sick of people bashing our president. speaking of what im getting sick of..i am sick of people rediculing me for being a vegetarian. it's my decision, my beliefs so back off. and no, the reason i am so skinney is not because i am a vegetarian. i have actually gained more weight. no i dont eat eggs alone but i do eat them in stuff, no i wont eat a piece of chicken just so i eat it just so you win and yes i do know i am not saving any animals but i am doing what i believe in and no it's not unhealthy. oh and i dont wear real leather and i dont wear fur so i am not a hypocrite. anyway lol sorry im just venting. tomorrow i am going to the godsmack/metallica concert with david tomorrow and saturday i am getting my hair done and i am going to a japaenese resturant and bates motel with niki. yankees lost last nite :( oh well derek jeter is hotter then all the red sox players combined. lol. i am so mad hockey isnt on this season. its the best sport. grr lol anyway im out.
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Survey [14 Oct 2004|08:29pm]
*Name: Krista
*Nickname(s): Krissy-Kris, Kris, Kiki, Kika, Slim, MK, Krissy, ect
*D/O/B: Jult 14 1988
*Location of Birth: Upper darby PA
*Go to school?: Henderson
*What city?: West Chester
*Do you live in a different city then where you went to high school? I'm in HS
*Are your parents happily married? Yes
*Where would you most like to live? In the country
*If you could retain one occupation for only one year, what would you be? Actress to try it out.
*If you could be buddies with any famous person from music/sports/tv/movies/lit, who would it be? Mary-Kate Olsen
*What's one word you would use to describe yourself ? Outgoing
*What one word would your best friend use to describe you? I have more then 1 bf. So maybe outgoing, energetic, funny idk lol
*What smell would you love to wake up everyday to? I dont know. lol The ocean or coconut butter
*If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be and with who? Sleeping in my bed lol
*What's a physical trait that you most like about yourself? My eye's
*What's your favorite season out of the year, and how come? Summer - my birhtday, vacay, no school and winter - xmas and snow
*If you could be driving any car, what would it be? A black or dark green Cadillac Escalade.
*Do you put the ketchup on or beside the fries? Beside
*What position do you usually go to bed in? I sleep on my stomach
*What side of the bed do you sleep on? left
*What position do you wake up in? On my stomach
*What tv character are you most like? I dont know lol
*Do you have any habits others may find annoying? Playing with my hair?
*Is your second toe longer than your big toe? A little maybe.
*Where are your feet right now? On top of a speaker underneath my desk
*Do you think people sometimes perceive you wrong upon first meeting you? Yes, alot. They think I'm a mean anorexic girl. I'm not, I'm nice and I eat!
*Whats the worst injury you have ever had? Well, I have bad knees so when I slammed my knee into a medal thing, that didn't help it.
*Whats the last thing you dressed up as for Halloween? A vampire
*Do you think you're deserving to be where you are right now? Yes
*Do you have a cool aunt? Yeah
*If you could be the President, would you? No
*Would others consider you high or low maintenance? low
*Are you a pretty decent person? I hope so lol
*Are you in love? Nope
*Fill in the blank. "What most people do not know about me____? I'm a vegetarian
*What do you fear the most?  Failure
*What's your name spelled backwards? atsirk
*If you were left alone for one hour with nothing more than a pen and a
notepad, what would you be inclined to draw or write during those 60 minutes? I'd draw
*What's on your bedside table? A pic of me and David my bro, Fakeflowers, remotes, and books on the top and on the bottom and in the drawer- notebooks pens cough drops stuff like that
*What's under your kitchen sink? Cleaning stuff
*What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night? I don't really do that
*What is your favorite 'trash TV' show? Real World
*Describe your 'pitiful' outfit. (You know, the one you put on when you're
moping) An old pair of sweats and a t-shirt
*What do you REALLY want to be when you grow up? a firefighter
*If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have "done"? Nothing prob.
*Are you a 'one side of the bed' sleeper or a 'sprawler'? One side
*Women: Panties, thongs, bikinis or commando? Thongs
*Would you rather be a doctor, dentist, lawyer, or a teacher? Teacher
*What height does it say on your drivers license? I don't have my license
*How about eye color? Blue
*If you could say one thing to your parents what would it be? I love you
*What TV show, non-cartoon, not airing anymore, do you miss most? Growing Pains
*What all do you have in your room? Bed, Dresser, Night stand, TV, Stero, Vanity, clothes, dvd.vcr player, mirror, lots of stuff.
*How many windows do you have in your room? 2
*If you're living somewhere other than where you grew up, is your room
smaller or larger ? Well, lol..I kinda didnt really have a room before I moved here. I did then I dont know what happened. Brian took over my room then I stayed in Melissas room and slept on literally a piece of foam then I shared a room with David. But yeah, my room is big.
*Would you rather be Barbara Walters or Oprah for the day? Oprah, she helps people.
*How many movies have you gone to see this month? One
*In what ways do you relax and destress when you are really tense? Vent to my friends, dance, lay down, listen to music, take a walk
*Do you read more or watch tv more? Watch TV lol
*Have you ever named an individual part of your body? No lol
*Have you ever been on the radio or on tv? I have been on both
*Have you ever won a lottery, sweepstakes prize? Yeah but not much lol
*Do you find Bob Ross to be  very calming show to watch: Who? lol
*Do you know what your grandparents and your great grand parents did for
a living?  Not really. lol
*Is there anything really interesting in your family history? Well, my grandmom was born and raised in France. My Nan-Nan was born in Canada then moved to England then to USA.
*Do you believe in god? Yes
*Would you consider yourself to be intelligent? Yes
*Would you consider yourself to be wise? On some things, yes
*Have you ever spoken to a homeless person?  No
*If yes what happened? --
*Would you rather be the president or a rock star? Rock star
*Have you ever given someone a love letter that you wrote? No lol
*Have you ever sent someone a surprise through the mail? Yes
*Are you looking forward to any concerts coming up? My brothers taking me to Godsmack on Oct 22
*What's the best animated movie you've ever seen? Finding Nemo
*Are you a leader or a follower? Leader
*What are the best bands/songs to listen to while driving? Not rap thats for sure lol
*If your car is decorated then what does it look like? I dont have a car but it would maybe have a roseary (Sp?) hanging from the rear view mirror, a Bush-Cheney04 sticker and my cds. It would be very clean lol
*What could a guy/girl do to impress you? Be theirselves and not be a fake/poser.
*About how many emails do you get a day? Usually around 3.
*What's your fave thing to do online? Chat and do surveys.
*Would you rather drive across country or fly? Fly
*What/who would you bring with you on a road trip? My friends and my stuff.
*Does there REALLY need to be an austin powers 3? It was funny.
*What movie are you most looking forward to seeing when it comes out? I already saw it, Ladder 49. Oh, and The House of Wax.
*What is your quest? To just live my life.
*What was the last thing you made with your own hands? I made this clay thing. I love art.
*What was your favorite toy as a child? I was happy with my Wizard of Oz tape.
*How many tv's are in your house? 8 lol
*What is your favorite thing to do outside? Take walks. I usually do that with my friends to cool off when I'm mad or upset.
*Have you ever seen a rainbow? Yes
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[09 Oct 2004|02:05pm]
-NAME: Krista

-NICKNAME(S): Kris, Krissy, Krissy-Kris, Kiki, Kika, Slim
-AGE: 16

-BIRTHDAY: July 14

-HEIGHT: 5'3"

-LOCATION: West Chester PA






-FAVORITE SINGER: Hilary Duff, Ryan Cabrera, Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson

-FAVORITE KIND OF MUSIC: Mostly rock and pop

-WHAT DO YOU THINK OF OUIJA BOARDS? I dont know. If you have the right people there I think it could work.



-FAVORITE TV SHOWS: General Hospital, Full House, One Tree Hill, Lost, 8Simple Rules, The Savages, The Simple Life



-SCHOOL: Henderson


-FAVORITE MAGAZINE: US Weekly and In Touch

-FAVORITE SONG: One the Way Down and every song on Ryan Cabreras CD, Angels - Jessica Simpson, Shadow - Ashlee Simpson, Someones watching over me and also haters - Hilary Duff, Over and Over - Nelly and Tim McGraw, My Boo - Usher and Alicia Keys

-FAVORITE COLOR: Pink Green orange




-FAVORITE DRINK: Diet coke and Vitamin water


-FAVORITE SMELL: Ocean, Cocoa Butter, and Curious (britney purfume)

-THINGS YOU HATE ABOUT THE OPPOSITE SEX: How all they do is think but sex (well not all of them do I guess lol but who knows..we cant read minds)


-WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A MEMBER OF THE OPPOSITE SEX? Sense of humor deff, Honestly, Trust, good looks

-FAVORITE THING TO DO ON THE WEEKENDS: Shop and hang out with my friends


-FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH: Ice hockey and football

-WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 10 YEARS: Married, Family, Sucessful




-GLASSES, CONTACTS, OR 20/20? Contacts


-MILK: WHOLE, SKIM, or CHOCOLATE? Soy and chocolate

- FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR: Peanutbutter chocolate


-WHAT DO YOU DRIVE? I dont ahve my license

-DO YOU SLEEP WITH A STUFFED ANIMAL? Sometimes..either my carebears or my elephant


-IF YOU COULD MEET ONE PERSON IN THE WORLD, WHO WOULD IT BE? Well famous ppl it'd be Mary-Kate Olsen and non-famous, My grandpop and pop pop


-DO YOU ACTUALLY READ YOUR HOROSCOPE? Yeah I love astrology. I read all about it lol
-FAVORITE ACTOR: Joaquin Phoenix

-FAVORITE ACTRESS: Kelly Monaco, Brittany Murphy, Mary-Kate Olsen


-IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY OCCUPATION WHEN YOU GET OLDER, WHAT WOULD IT BE: I wanna be a fire-fighter but my fantasy job is a soap opera actor lol

65. IF YOU COULD DYE YOUR HAIR ONE COLOR, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I like my hair the way it is. I'm going to dye it back to dark brown eventually, just after everyone else stop dying their hair dark brown (I hate to go witht he crowd) and when i am sick of this color.

-IF YOU COULD GET A TATTOO, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I dont know. I dont really want one but maybe a cross

-IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT YOURSELF WHAT WOULD IT BE? Probably what April said in her survey..not be so nervous.




-WHAT'S ON YOUR WALLS IN YOUR ROOM? Calendars and posters





-WHAT IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT YOU HAVE EVER GOTTEN? Hm my necklace which is hard to explain waht it looks like

-IF YOU KNEW YOU HAD ONE WEEK TO LIVE, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Spend time with my friends and family and do all the things I wanna do.




-DOG PERSON OR CAT PERSON? Both. I'm an animal person lol

-WHAT WAS THE BEST BOOK YOU EVER READ? Shopaholic but its not that great




-WHAT'S UNDER YOUR BED? Bags, my memory box, books, magazines


-WHAT IS YOUR DREAM CAR: A cadillac escalade

-WHAT IS YOUR FAV. MOVIE (S)? Any mary-kate and ashley movie, Ladder 49, Miracle

-WHAT WOULD BE YOUR PERFECT DREAM DATE? Taking it easy just staying in watching movies

speak your peace

[02 Oct 2004|11:16pm]
Today I went grocery shopping with my mom. We spent a lot of money lol. I got shampoo, body wash, face wash, face toner, lotion, ect and they are all non animal tested. Then at 730 me, my mom, my dad, and David went to see Ladder 49. It was reallly good, deff one of my fav movies. It made me want to be a firefighter even more. It made me cry a little lol and I never cry during movies. Anyway tomorrow I am hanging out with my brother David all day and watching the Eagles game with him. Well, I'm out. Bye.
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[02 Oct 2004|11:02pm]
do you...
sing? yeah
dance? yes
laugh a lot? yeah
like spicy food? yep
prefer bagels over yogurt? no
have a boyfriend/girlfriend? no
want one? nope
think babies are cute? yeah
like children in general? yes
believe in fortune cookies? yes
believe in life after death? yes
believe in life after love? yes
believe that everyone has a purpose? yes

yes or no...
do you keep a diary? yes
do you like to cook? yes
do you have a secret you have not shared with anyone? yes
do you fold your underwear? no
do you talk in your sleep? rarely
do you set your watch a few minutes ahead? yes
do you bite your fingernails? no

you a girl? yes
you a comedian? no but my family thinks im really funny. i take after my dad lol
your friends true in your opinion? no comment

this or that...
nice smiles or nice eyes? both
jeans or skirts? jeans
boots or sneakers? boots
natural or make-up? both
restaurants or fast food? restaurants
italian food or chinese? italian food
dark or light eyes? both
drugs or cigarettes? ciggs
football or cheerleading? football
cake or pie? pie..i dont like cake

do you want to die? painlessly and knowing i've helped as many people as i could
do you brush your teeth? with my electric toothbrush
much time do you take to get dressed? no more then 5min
well do most people know you? only my brother and brittany really really know me

my father thinks i am: he thinks im beautiful and that i am smart no matter what and he thinks im a good kid
my mother thinks i am: a great level headed beautiful smart kid
my sisters think I am: very level headed beautiful smart and a good kid
my brother thinks I am: idk what brian thinks lol but david idk i guess he thinks im funny and a good kid and we consider eachother best friends cause we're really close

your usual outfit: idk jeans a shirt and flip flops
your hair: medium length with lots of blonde and red highlights with dark red underneath
your eyes: blue with a darker blue ring around it
what you'd like to change about yourself: id like to have better self esteem

is the one person who makes you laugh the most? my family
really annoys you? some people at my school
could you not live without? my family and brittany
doesn't like you though you like him/her? nobody
probably likes you though you hate him/her? nobody

number of...
times I have been in love: none
times i have had my heart broken: none
hearts i have broken: none
people i've slept with: none, im a virgin
people i consider my enemies: none
people from high school that i stayed in contact with: im still in hs
cd's that I own: a lot but i listen to my ipod mostly
times my name has appeared in the newspaper: 2 or 3 times
things in my past that i regret: none
often do you smile? i dont know
many times a week do you eat junk food? not a lot i eat healthy
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[30 Sep 2004|05:09pm]
>Name: Krista
>Age: 16
>Hair color: I have lots of blond and a light redish blond highlights with dark red underneath
>Eye color: Blue
>Height: 5'4" i think
>DOB: July 14

>Movie of all time: I have a few. Like New York Minute and all of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies. Miracle, Wizard of Oz, How to Lose A Guy in 10days, Mean Girls
>Band/group: Play
>Male Artist: Ryan Cabrera. He's really talented.
>Female Artist: Ashlee Simpson and Hilary Duff
>TV show: General Hospital is my absolute fav. but I also like Lost, Simple Life, Wife Swap, One Day With.., Real World, One Tree Hill
>Magazine: Us Weekly and In Touch
>CD: Ryan Cabrera-Take It All Away, Ashlee Simpson-Autobiography, and Hilary Duff-Hilary Duff.
>Food: Veggie Burgers
>Ice cream flavor: Chocolate Peanutbutter
>Store: Wet Seal, Urban Outfitters, H&M
>milk/water: Both
>*NSYNC/BSB: Nsync
>Britney/Christina: X-tina
>Hawaii/paris: Paris
>dancing/singing: Dancing
>Peanut butter/jelly: PB
>camping./hiking: Both
>sleeping/eating: Sleeping
>shopping/going to movies: Both
>shoes/makeup: Both lol
>dumper/dumpee: Dumper

>DO you believe in God? Yes
>Are u in love? Nope
>Do u have a crush on someone? No
>DO they know? -
>Do u have AOL 4.0, 5.0 or 6.0 or no? 9.0
>DO u want to go to college if u aren't in college already do you like it? I wanna go to College
>Siblings? 2 brothers and 1 sister
>Say one nice thing about the person who made this survey: April is one of the funniest people I know and school is so much fun with her. She's beautiful and she rocks :)
>Be honest: how boring was this survey ona scale of 1 to 10, ten being the
>most boring: 3 it's okay
>What time is it? Around 5pm
>Would u send this survey to other people? Well I'm posting it on my LJ but yeah
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[26 Sep 2004|02:24pm]
This weekend was fun. Britt came over and we watched movies. Today I went to my brothers friends viewing. It was really sad. Nothings really new. My life sucks. I mean, the only person I hang out with anymore is Brittany. I dont even see my older brother David anymore. School gets stressful because I am trying really hard to get good grades then I come home do homework and dont hang out with anyone. Whatever at least I have 1 friend who will hang out with me.
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[20 Sep 2004|08:50pm]
[ mood | sick ]

today school was okay for being sick. i took the bus home. heh well, i was dropped off far from my house so i had to walk forever. it was exercise so that was good. i need to exercise more. i hate my stomach. i need to run on the tredmill and do crunches again. people say oh but you're so thin. well, i dont think my stomach is thin enough. i had burger king today. After I eat fast food I feel gross and wanna exercise more. anyway yeah so i went to drop off a ticket thing with my cousin today and we visited her work. she works at a day care. then we went to the mall and i bought a new bb ring. then we went to bk then i came home and took a shower. mean girls comes out tomorrow :) anddd i get to finally see my twinnn niki this weekend! i am so excited. lol Go Eagles even though unfort. i think the vikings will beat them and i dont think the eagles will go to the superbowl this year cause yeah we have that Philly curse.

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[19 Sep 2004|03:25pm]
I'm getting sick :( I have a sore throat and a cold. I was going to go to Cape May today with my parents but I didn't feel good. I did nothing this weekend. Well, on Saturday I shopped with my cousin and I got 4 shirts and 2 magazines but that's it. Niki's grounded till next week :( and Britt is sick also. They're the only 2 people I hang out with anymore. Lynda has guard which I understand. Other people just basically stopped talking to me and say "oh we can hang out this week" when it's like 10weeks away and I hate that. It's like being put on a waiting list. Whatever. I miss Niki so freakin much. *I love you Niki!* Well, my life is boring so there isn't much to type. Bye.
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style survey [17 Sep 2004|09:59pm]
(number one- the basics)
:x: what color looks best on you? i think dark green
:x: what color looks worst on you? i dont like pink of me
:x: do you paint your finger nails/toe nails? Yes
:x: if so, what color do you usually use? dark blue, black, green, or orange.
:x: do you have a tan? No
:x: did you sit outside on your ass for hours to get this tan? No
:x: are you into fashion? yup
:x: why are you taking this survey? cause i feel like it

(number two- shopping)
:x: where do you normally shop for clothes? Wet Seal H&M Boscovs Strawbridges Urban Outfitters Rampage sometimes Hollister but not often
:x: if you see something you absolutly LOVE but its WAY overpriced, would you wait for it to go on sale, or would you buy it RIGHT there and then? by it then and there
:x: do you tend to buy clothes 3 sizes too big? Sometimes I like to buy things bigger cause i dont like super tight clothing
:x: if not, do you tend to buy clothes 3 sizes too small? Nope
:x: do you work for your money or do your parents pay for your clothes? I help around the house with cleaning and what not and then sometimes my mom just gives me money lol
:x: do you know of any stores that you absolutly LOVE and you go in there everytime your at the mall but still havnt bought anything from? No lol

(number three- trends)
:x: do you start your own trends? Yeah and sometimes if I see something like on TV that I think is cute Ill try it out but do it my own way.
:x: do you follow trends? No
:x: what do you think about the "punk" trend? It's their style so good for them
:x: what was the best decade for fashion trends? Now and the 80s lol I am into the funky style
:x: what do you think about fashion trends? If you like it wear it if you dont then dont waste your time and money
:x: have you ever noticed how many girls at your school dress exactly the same? Yeah it gets annoying.

(number four- shoes)
:x: do you wear high heels? Not too often. If I go somewhere fancy then yeah.
:x: do you wear flip flops? Yeah I hate sneakers
:x: have you ever made your own pair of flip flops w/ newspaper? No
:x: do you bring extra shoes to school in case your shoes fall apart? No
:x: do you write all over your shoes? No
:x: have you ever had people sign your shoes? No
:x: where do you usually shop for shoes? Rampage Payless Strawbridges Steve Madden Bakers Foot Locker and online

(number five- describe your favorite...)
:x: shoes? My ballet type shoes. They're a goldish color. Also my black shoes that are beaded. Also, my flip flops. Oh and my ugg boots lol
:x: shirt? I have a lot
:x: skirt? My jean skirt from Wet Seal
:x: belt? My black and white one
:x: hat? my black flyers hat, my von dutch hat, my tan bucket hat, my white and pink yankees hat
:x: purse? My big dark green pleather purse
:x: shorts? None or well my light blue ones for bed
:x: pajamas? PJ pants or shorts and a tshirt or tank

(last section..number six- random)
:x: do you sew? Not really but I can
:x: do your clothes always match your shoes? Usually
:x: do your friends tend to copy your style? No but some of them kinda have kinda what my style is in theirs
:x: if so, does this annoy you? Nope
:x: how many belts do you own? 3-4
:x: how long do you spend picking out your outfit everynight? not long at all
:x: now that this survey is over, what are you going to do? Talk to Brittany online
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survey [16 Sep 2004|05:19pm]
Name: Krista
Age: 16
Sex: female
DOB: July 14, 1988
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: a dark blonde color with reddish highlights and dark red underneath
Height: 5'4" i think
Peircings: 2 in my right and 2 in my left w my cartilage pierced and my bb
Tan or Pale: Both
Contacts or Glasses: Contacts
Braces?: Nope
School: Henderson High School
Residence: West Chester, Pennsylvania
Parents: David and Denise
Siblings: Melissa, David, Brian
Pets: None :(
Crush: Nope
First Kiss: I was 12

This/That: Both
Brunette/Blonde: Right now blonde because everyones going brunette
White/Black: White
Kiss/Hug: Hug
Summer/Winter: Both
Fall/Spring: Spring
AF/AE: Abercrombie & Fitch
Saturday/Sunday: Both
Candy/Pop: Pop
Ocean/Lake/Pool: Ocean and pool
Britney/Christina: Christina
Mandy/Jessica: Jessica
Pop/Punk: Pop
Prep/Skater: Skater
Hippie/Goth: Hippie lol I'm a hippie, right Britt?
Nerd/Dork: Dork
Purple/Pink: Pink
Dark/Light: Both
Boxers/Briefs: Boxers

Shoes: Uggs, Flip flops, mocasin type shoes, and ballet slipper type shoes.
Restaraunt: Ruby Tuesdays and Chi Chis
TV Show: General Hospital
Mall: KOP
Comp. game: The Sims
Magazine: Us Weekly and In Touch - I am obsessed lol
Number: 14
Sport: Dance, Ice Hockey, Football
Football team: Eagles
Ice cream: mint choc chip and choc w hot fudge
Color: Pink Green Orange
Food: Veggie burgers
Drink: Diet coke
Type of Music: Pop and Rock
Band/Singer: Ryan Cabrera, Ashlee Simpson, Play, Jessica Simpson, Xtina
Song: On The Way Down, My Friend John, 40Kinds of Saddness, Exit to Exit, Take It All Away -- all of them by ryan cabrera, Angels - Jessica Simpson, Shadow - Ashlee Simpson, Pieces of Me - Ashlee, Unreachable - Ashlee, Tilt Ya Head Back - Nelly and Xtina
Album: Take It All Away - Ryan Cabrera
Website: livejournal.com
Actor: Steve Burton Ingo Rademacher and Scott Cliffton
Actress: Mary-Kate Olsen, Kelly Monaco, Brittany Murphy, Elisha Cuthbert, and Kate Hudson.
Relative: I love all of my relatives.
Store: Wet Seal
Movie: Mean Girls, How To Lose A Guy in 10days, Miracle, Wizard of Oz, New York Minute and all of the other Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies.
Animal: I love all animals.
Month & Why: July because it's summer and my birthday and the 4th of July, and also December because winter, Christmas, and New Years. Oh, and because of snow.
Season: Summer & Winter
Flower: Roses and daises
Finger: ring finger
Candy: Reeses
Gum: Bubbliciois(sp?)
Toothpaste: I dont know
Perfume: One by Mary-Kate and Ashley, 8 by Abercrombie
Cologne: Very Sexy
Shampoo: Sheer Blonde for dark blondes, VO5, Treseme
Time of Day: All day and night
Teacher: Mr. Bott but he isnt my teacher anymore :(
Insect: All of them
Clothing Item You Own: I dont know. All of them lol

~Yes or No~
are you a vegetarian: Yup
do you like cows: Love them.
are you a bitch: No. I hate being mean.
are you artistic: Yes, I love art.
do you write poetry: Yeah I dont think I am good though
are you a fast runner: Yeah
can you ski: No
are you british: No
do you want to spear britney: No
do the voices talk to you: No
did you ever give barbie a haircut: Yes
would you eat mac & cheese with hot dogs in it: Maybe if it was a tofu hot dog.
do you think disney creators were on acid when they made 'alice in wonderland': No, Disney is for children, not potheads
are you straight: Yep
are you fat: Nope, I love my size. I used to hate it but not anymore. I hate my stomach though.
are you short: Yes
are you tall: No
can you see the flying monkeys: In Wizard Of Oz
are you evil: No
did you ever know someone who had a mullet: Nope
is britney a whore: No
are you a teenage zombie: Nope
do you like marilyn manson: yeah his version of tainted love rocks
are you secretly from another planet: Yeah, Im from Pluto lol jk
do you shop at hot topic: Not really but they have cute braclets

~have you ever~
flashed someone: No
told the person you liked how you felt: Yeah
been to michigan: Nope
gotten really REALLY wasted: Nope
gone to jail or juvi: No
skateboarded: No
skinny dipped: Nope
stolen anything: Nope
kicked someone's ass: My brothers when I was youngr
pegged someone in the head with a snowball: Yeah
broke a beer bottle: Yeah cause I was opening the fridge and it fell out and broke lol
gotten into a bar, under-aged: No
kissed someone of the same sex: Yeah
flipped someone off: Yeah
gone on a road trip: Nope
gone on vacation without adult supervision: Nope
been to a concert: Yeah
been to another country: Canada when I was younger
talked back to an adult: Yes
got pulled over: No
got in a car accident: Yes
broke a law: I dont think
given money to a homeless person: I always want to cause I feel so bad for them but whoever I am with when I say Im gonna they wont let me lol
tried to kill yourself: No
kissed a friend's brother: Nope
kissed a brother's friend: Nope
dropped something on the floor that you were cooking and let someone eat it anyways: No

~would you ever~
bungee jump: Yeah
sky dive: Why not? You only live once.
swim with dolphins: Yeah
scuba dive: Yes
go rock climbing: Yeah
eat shit for $1,000,000: No
turn your back on your friends for personal gain: Unless it was for my family or god, no
steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: No
cross-dress: As a joke I dressed up like my brother lol
lie to the police: No. If we lie to the police then criminals can also and then we'd all be in danger.
run from the police: No
lie to your parents: I tell my parents the truth. I tell them little white lies that dont matter at all. I have nothing to hide anyways.
walk up to a stranger and kiss them: No
be an exotic dancer: Nope
walk out of a restaurant without paying: No

~private life~
do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: No
do you have a crush: No
do you love anyone right now: Other then my friends and family, no
have you ever been in love: No
how many hearts have you broken: none
how many people broke your heart: none
best quote to sum up love: "love at first sight can be about a sweater too"
so what is your bf/gf/crush like: dont have one
do you have a picture of him/her: --
do you have a picture of yourself: Yeah
do you go by looks or personality: Personality
ever kiss a friend (boy): Yeah
are you still friends: Nope
so moving along..do you smoke: no
do you smoke weed: No
ever trip on acid: No
how about a little x: No
crack, heroin, anything else: Nope
do you like smirnoff ice: It's okay
prefer beer or liquor: Depends
what kind of cigarettes do you smoke: I don't smoke
speak your peace

[14 Sep 2004|09:51pm]
i havent really updated a lot lately. thats because i actually write in a real journal where i can actually write about stuff that wont be posted on the internet. and if you're a friend of mine that i know personally and not online, dont try and find it in my room and read it - i will catch you. lol i am just kidding. last nite my dream was weird. i hope it doesnt come true. im not gonna sit here and explain it because i already told the people who i wanted to. 1 more day intill i have off for a day then i go back for a day then i get the weekend off. hey, im not complaining. school is going okay. nothing really new. well lately things havent been all so peachy with my friends. i mean i guess its the distance and not seeing them for a while. and the answer to that one person : no, i dont mind that you are going out with him, i mean i dont know him so how can i judge him? its just the things that he does that im not cool with. well, im gonna go finish talking on the phone with britt. april, ill do the survey tomorrow. lol send more :) bye.
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yet another survey lol [12 Sep 2004|03:47pm]
today i woke up said goodbye to my sister (she went back to VA beach) took a shower then went to the mall. i bought another mka calendar, a watch, and i got my eyes examined. i gotta go back in 15min to get my glasses then on wednesday i am getting contacts. wednesday i am also getting my cartilage pierced. i can barely see from the eys drops right now lol. well i am outtie..i am gonna go to the eye doc then watch the eagles game. *GO EAGLES* heres another survey:

*Your Name: Krista
*Nicknames: MK, Slim, Krissy, Kika, Kris, Krissy-Kris
*Birthday: July 14, 1988
*Zodiac sign: Cancer
*School: Henderson
*GPA: I have no clue
*Gurl/boy: Girl
*e-mail: Hurricanes11gurl@yahoo.com
*color of eyes/hair: Blue / a dark blonde color with reddish highlights
*Height: 5'4" or something like that
Pets: none :( when i get my own place ill have a million lol
*Had sex: Nope
*Been in love: no
*Left the country: Canada when i was really young
*Been so drunk u blacked out: no
*Gone out in public in your pajamas: yeah
*Missed school b/c it was raining: yeah
*Have you ever lit yourself or a body part on fire? nope
*Kept a secret from everyone: yeah
*Do u like anyone?: Nope
*If so....Who?: --
*Actually thrown shoes onto a phone wire: no
*Ever cried at chick Flick: no
*Had a crush on a teacher: no
*Done something stupid to impress your crush: no
*What was it: --
*Fast Songs or Slow Dances? fast
*Kissing or Hugging? hugging
*Love or Lust? love
*Found a cartoon character attractive: no
*At anytime owned a New Kids on the Block tape: no but david and melissa did
*Called or seen a psychic: yeah
*Planned your week based on the TV Guide: no
*Been on stage: yes
*Gotten in a car accident: yep
*Made homemade fudge: nope
*Seen the Eiffel tower: pictures
*Shampoo: Sheer Blonde, Bath and Body Works stuff, Tresame (sp?), and VO5
*Soap: bath and body works
*Day/Night: Both
*Type(s) of music: rock and pop
*Commercial: fanta
*Coffee or hot chocolate: both
*Cold or hot: Both
*Lace or satin: Lace
*Here or there: Both
*Red or blue: Red
*New or old: Depends
*Neve Campbell or Jennifer Love Hewitt: Jenifer
*Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt: Uhm..Brad I guess
*Old Madonna or New Madonna: Old Madonna
*Character on Saved By the Bell: Kelly
*Character on the Brady Bunch: Cindy
*Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: YNo
*Do you want to kiss him/her: --
*Do you have a best friend: Yes
*Do you rank your speed dial in order of favorites: Nope
*Who's your funniest friend: Niki
*Who do you go to the mall with the most: my cousin Marianne
*Who have you known the longest out of all your friends: Regina
*Who's the loudest: Niki lol
*Who do you go to for advice: Niki, my sister, my brothers
*Who are you jealous of: Nobody
*Who do you cry with: Myself
IN THE LAST 24 HOURS, HAVE YOU... (this is outdated!)
*Cried: no
*Helped someone: yeah
*Cut your hair: no
*Worn a skirt: no
*Worn a tie: no
*Been mean: no
*Been sarcastic: no
*Gone for a walk: no
*Gone to the movies: no
*Gone out for dinner: no
*Said "I love you": yes
*Written a letter: no
*Written a paper: no
*Taken a test: no
*Met someone new: yes, my eye doctor lol
*Written in a journal: no
*Watched your favorite movie?: no
*Given someone a present: no
*Had a serious talk: no
*Missed someone: no
*Hugged someone: yes
*Had a nightmare: yes
*Fought with your parents: no
*fought with a friend: no
*Been Scared: yeah
*God/Devil: i believe in god and i believe there is a devil i dont believe in him
*Yourself: no
*Your friends: some of them
*Aliens: yes
*Love: yes
*Destiny: yes
* Signs: yes
*Psychic powers: yes
*The Big Bang Theory: yes
*Government Conspiracies: like monica and bill? yeah i believed that happened
*That squirrels are evil: no
Have you ever:
*Wished upon a star: yeah
*Laughed until you cried: yeah
*Watched a sunrise/sunset: yes
*Spent quality time alone: yep
*Read a book for fun: yeah
*Told someone you hated them: yes
*Did you mean it?: no lol i say it all the time joking
*Lied to sound good: i think
*One thing you hope you do before you die: get married
*Your Personality Type: outgoing and carefree
*Favorite Summer Activity: doing whatever i want basically
What you wanna be when you grow up: interior designer, wedding planner, director, photographer, artist, or actress.
*Favorite Conversation Topic: I dont know lol
*Favorite Magazines: Us Weekly and In Touch - I am addicted. lol
*Biggest Fear: Death
*Favorite Inside Jokes: Gone on 60seconds, cocroach, pry pry, hol-y shit, robb, and more
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[10 Sep 2004|08:26pm]
[ mood | full ]

yo wassup? lol i havent updated really. schools going okay. i am tired as all heck. ryan cabrera is the best musician out there so buy his cd. lol my sister came home today. we're about to go watch starsky and hutch. tomorrow i am going to get my ring i got from my parents last xmas resized. im gonna see if my mom will take me to get my cartilage pierced. welll theres not much to talk about. im gonna go watch the movie with my sister so peace out.

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